Baldwyns Park Baptist Church

The Church’s History

The Church was built in 1950, before even Cold Blow Crescent, The Firs, Mornington Court or Frazer Close existed. The expectation then was that a Council Estate would be built on the farmland behind. This didn’t happen but we are still here serving the Community as God leads us. A big step of faith was taken by the Rev. Kenneth Weller and congregation in 1970 to build 2 halls, cloakrooms etc. for £15000, a frightening amount in those days. Through the years they have supported Sunday schools, Brigades, Nursery Schools, dance classes, art classes, A.A. and older people’s groups etc. There followed the leadership of Sam and Margaret Sayer/family, Alan May and now the 10 year Ministry of Rev. Tony Green. Times have been good and expanding, times have been hard and contracting, but all through our history serving Jesus has been our focus - Eileen